Get to Know the Bright Region: Welcome to Delaware!

Meet the first state

Delaware, also known as “the first state,” was the first to ratify the United States Constitution in 1787. It is the second smallest state in the country by area, but it is the sixth most densely populated state. The state was named after the first colonial governor of Virginia, Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr. The state is comprised of three counties: New Castle, Kent, and Sussex.

New Castle

New Castle County is the northernmost county in Delaware. It is home to the state’s largest city, Wilmington. As of the 2010 census, just shy of 60 percent of the total population of Delaware resided in New Castle County, despite being the smallest county by area in the state. There are minor league sports teams that call New Castle County home: the Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball team and the Delaware 87ers basketball team. You will also find Airport Speedway, a professional auto racing track.


In Kent County, the middle county in the state, you will find the state capital, Dover. Just outside of the capital, you will find an Amish community. Like the other counties in Delaware, Kent gets its name from the English city of Kent.


The southernmost county is Sussex. Here you will find the cities of Lewes, Milford (partly in Kent), Rehoboth Beach, and Seaford. Sussex County is the largest county in the state, with around 50 percent of the land in the state within the county. The two largest economy drivers in the county are agriculture and tourism. Sussex is the leading poultry producer in the country as well as the home to the state’s revenue-generating beaches. The Delaware beaches ranked number 1 in water quality according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Fun facts about Delaware

  • Delaware is reveled in the region for its tax-free shopping
  • It is the only state in the county that does not have any National Park System units.
  • Delmar is a town that is both in Delaware and in Maryland
  • People from as far as Indonesia have ordered Fisher’s popcorn—a local favorite.
  • Want to see some flying pumpkins? Go to the Punkin Chunkin world championship where competitors create devices that launch pumpkins as far as they can.
  • At its narrowest area, Delaware is just 9 miles wide.
  • Don’t try flying over the water in Delaware without snacks! It is illegal to fly over a body of water in the state unless you have an appropriate supply of food and beverages for everyone on board.

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