Get to Know Bright MLS CEO Tom Phillips

“Honest, fair and thoughtful.”

That is how Bright MLS CEO Tom Phillips described himself when he sat down with the Philadelphia Business Journal for their article “The Social Capital Interview with Tom Phillips of Bright MLS,” published last week. Read on to learn more about Tom.

A CEO’s perspective on business
When it comes to business and achieving goals, Tom explained that one of his essential business philosophies is to hire and empower the best people, saying, “I’m a firIMG_64344m believer in the value of collaboration and that working together provides better results than working alone.”

Over the course of his career, Tom has found that trusting his own instincts and encouraging consolidation when it’s best for the industry and customers is the right thing to do.

“Twice in my career, I have advocated for consolidation in the face of opposition. I think those were some of the smartest business decisions I ever made,” Tom said.

He went on to explain that in order to keep a competitive edge you need to have a clear understanding of your vision and not to be afraid of the risks you have to take to make that vision a reality.

The man beyond the MLS
It wasn’t all business; the Philadelphia Business Journal wanted to know more about the man outside of the MLS—his interests and hobbies. He mentioned some of interests include cooking and dining out (as a self-proclaimed foodie), as well as travel. He shared that his favorite trip he has taken was to Burgundy, France.

Of this particular trip he said, “It’s a very relaxing part of the world. I’m a firm believer that everyone needs downtime. Taking that time to clear your mind makes you work better and work smarter.”

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