Bright Provides Funds for Local Government Affairs Efforts

This week we  announced a new program to assist our 43 stakeholder associations with the costs associated with their local government affairs efforts.  

For anyone not familiar with the topic, local government affairs efforts include the work associations do to monitor public policy decisions affecting housing. This is most commonly done through dedicated government affairs staff or programs and activities that advocate for real estate related policies that support the needs of the real estate professionals and the consumers they serve.

When Bright MLS was formed, the participating associations and leadership agreed it was important to contribute to these efforts.

“Strong local Realtor® Associations are a critically important part of the real estate industry, and strong local government affairs programs are key to our mutual success,” said Tom Phillips, Bright MLS President and Chief Executive Officer. “We believe that supporting local and regional government affairs programs, through our stakeholder associations, can address the potential impact of government regulation and will benefit all those involved in the real estate industry, including buyers and sellers.”

According to the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Conrad, “The Bright MLS Government Affairs program will be a tremendous benefit to Realtor® Associations like ours. A strong government affairs program is critical to our ability to expand our political influence and continue protecting the real estate industry, our members and the consumers we serve. This level of support shows Bright’s commitment to supporting its stakeholder associations beyond traditional MLS services.”

Jamie Ridge, President and CEO of the Suburban REALTORS Alliance, a subsidiary organization of the Bucks County, Montgomery County and Suburban West Associations of REALTORS®, experienced the benefits of a similar Government Affairs program through TREND MLS. He explained the need for these funds, especially in Southeastern Pennsylvania. “In our area alone, we have 238 municipalities across 4 counties, each with their own set of rules and regulations regarding home sales. The bulk of our work focuses on keeping those rules and regulations as burden-free as possible for real estate professionals, as well as consumers. ”

“Thanks to Bright MLS’s new Government Affairs support program, a broader number of local associations will be able to access the resources they need to manage the impact of these regulations,” Jamie said. “That will be a real positive for the entire industry, because local associations will have the flexibility to use the funds in ways that meet their unique government affairs challenges.”

The program is already accepting requests from Bright stakeholder associations.

View the full press release here.

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