The 3 Pillars of Bright

Consolidation will benefit all subscribers
Whether you work on the border of a county and belong to multiple MLSs or you only use one MLS system, Bright MLS will benefit you in your real estate business.

  • MLS Simplified – Access listing information in the areas where your clients are living, traveling and moving. For many real estate professionals this will mean a simplified MLS with one system, one fee, one set of rules, and one data feed to run their businesses successfully.
  • Greater Innovation – Gain a modern, easy-to-use system and apps – the kind you need to serve your clients and run a successful business. Bright will anticipate your MLS needs and pioneer imaginative and relevant solutions for your business.
  • More Information – Explore a property, neighborhood or town. Bright will offer a broad ecosystem of robust property information and analytics, which will be easy to access and share with your clients.

We want to empower everyone to get more out of the MLS.

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