3 Ways Consolidation Will Make Service a Priority

How can we help you? While access to a broader market, fewer fees, and one MLS system are great benefits of consolidation, a larger MLS organization cannot lose sight of the personal relationships, local needs and responsiveness that subscribers also want and need. Here are three ways that MLS: Evolved will provide personal attention and support:

1) Local representatives who know you, your office and your market area

A local representative will develop and foster relationships by traveling throughout your market area to provide assistance through training, office visits and personal consultations. They will strive to understand local differences, provide updates on initiatives, gather feedback, and offer training in the classroom, through webinars, and on-demand.

2) Reach us when you want, how you want

A Support Center will be open 7 days a week and will handle inquiries via phone, email and online chat. Support specialists will be trained to understand the idiosyncrasies of the various market areas. They will handle questions about the system, subscriptions, billing as well as technical issues. Alternatively subscribers could find help themselves by searching an online support knowledgebase, available 24/7, containing policy, how to and troubleshooting tutorials.

3) 360° communications

The new MLS will provide communication on system features and enhancements, local market activity, industry trends and more through the website, social media, email and other channels. The content can easily be re-purposed by agents, brokerages and associations to share in their own marketing. News and information will be personalized upon log into the MLS for each subscriber and associations and brokerage offices will also be able to post news on the MLS dashboard.

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